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Exercise 1 Word list

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Listen 'ahabba
(v) To love, to like

'akh, 'ikhwān
Brother. Singular and plural.

Listen 'al-ān

Listen 'anā

Listen aydān
Too, also. Note that the 'n' is not written in Arabic.

Listen hiyya

Listen huwa

Listen 'inna
Means directly translated 'verily', but it is used much, often in place of 'it is' and similar.

Listen 'ism

Listen kabīr; akbar
Big; bigger. Akbar is also used for 'biggest'; there is no specific word for 'biggest' in Arabic.

Listen kathīr; akthar
Much, more. 'Akthar is also used for 'most'; there is no specific word for 'most' in Arabic.

Listen lākin
But. Note here that the long 'a' is not written in Arabic. This word is an unusual example of this exeption.

Listen madīna; mudun
Town, city

Listen majnūn; majnūna
Crazy, crazy person. Masculine and feminine.

Listen min

Listen misr or masr
Egypt, Cairo. Confusingly used for both the country and its capital.

Listen qāla
(v) (v) To say, to speak, to talk

Listen sakana
(v) To live [somewhere], to reside

Listen thānī
Second, the other

Listen wa
And. Usually linked with the succeeding word.

Listen zanna
(v) To think, to have the opinion

Listen cā'ila

Listen -hā
Hers. Suffix to a noun.

Listen -hu
His. Suffix to a noun.

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