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v. أصبح, محمل, لاق ب
2.Become acclimatized tov. تأقلم
3.Become accustomedv. تعود على
4.Become acquaintedv. كالدب, حيوان, طلع على
5.Become addictedأصبح مدمنا
6.Become adultبلوغ سن الرشد
7.Become afraidv. فرق
8.Become airborneانفصل
9.Become an orphanv. أصبح يتيما
10.Become asceticv. تزهد, تنسك
11.Become attachedv. قذر
12.Become baldصلع
13.Become clearاتضح
14.Become confusedبز, خفق
15.Become corruptedv. فسد
16.Become cross eyedv. أحول العينين
17.Become curlyتجعد الشعر
18.Become decayedv. فسد
19.Become decomposedv. فسد
20.Become defiledتدنس, تلوث
21.Become depravedفسد
22.Become dirtyاتسخ
23.Become emptyفرغ
24.Become establishedتأسس
25.Become evilv. فسد
become found in 61 words & 3 pages.
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