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خ found in 1,718 words & 69 pages.
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2.Abatedخفّ, أبطل, أخمد
3.cramponخف مسماري
4.Assuage, Assuaged, Buffered, Eased, Extenuate, Lighten, Lightened, Milden, Palliate
gloss over the facts, lessen, attenuate, extenuate, modify, remit, succor, ease off, water down, alleviate, attemper, mitigate, palliate, relax, relieve, relent, slack, slake, subdue, thin, solace, succour, deaden, muffle, slim, qualify
5.Abateخفّف, أخمد, يلغي, يبطل, همد
6.relieveخفف من رتابة شىء ما downخفف نشاط شئ
8.abateخفف هدأ
9.softenخفف وهج النور
10.slimخفف وزنه
11.tone downخفف اللهجة
12.lightenخفف الوزن
13.sootheخفف الألم
14.slackenخفف السرعة
15.muteخفف الصوت
16.commute, qualifyخفف العقوبة
17.Decompressخفّف ضغط
19.become confused, throb, baulk, pulsate, bust, come, flap, pound, dilute, bedeck, whip, collapse, fizzle out, goof, flunk, flummox, miss, go wrong, go by the board, come to grief, muddle, misfire pulsation, fallخفق
20.abort, come unstuckخفق في
21.fall throughخفق في التفاوض
22.bust, flunk, miscarryخفق يفشل
23.whip, whiskخفق البيض
24.palpitation, pulse, throb, whipخفقان
25.beat, pulsationخفقة
خ found in 1,718 words & 69 pages.
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