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Words = 12
1.Bucked, Jumped, Sprang, Vauty
jump, spring, leap, leapfrog, leapt, skip, bound, vault, jump out, start up, gambol, glove, pop flier, jump, leaping, leap, hop, lope
2.soarقفز فجاءة
3.leap over smth.قفز من علي
4.plungeقفز الى الماء
5.Leapfrogقفز الضفادع
6.snap, fly atقفز على
7.pole vaultقفز عالي بالعصا
9.jump, leaping, spring, bound, reboundقفزة
10.headerقفزة رأس
11.Trip-Hopقفزة رحلة
Words = 12
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