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Words = 8
execute, permeate, carry out, honor, honour, implement, penetrate, proceed, commit, invoke, percolate, realize, perform, pierce, fill, fulfil, fulfill, practise, transfix, act, traverse, computerize, come true, peter, pursue, effectuate, enforce, carry into effect, put into effect, do beam, effect active
2.permeableنفذ منه
3.We're out of gas.نفذ منا البنزين.
4.percolate, get inنفذ إلى
5.penetrateنفذ الى smth. without noticeنفذ بسرية تامة
7.perform quicklyنفذ بسرعة
8.try one's patienceنفذ صبره
Words = 8
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