6103 words used in Pickthal Translation of Quran  

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44 words used in the Pickthal Translation of Quran that start with "J"

(1) Jacob(2) Jacob's
(3) jacynth(4) jealous
(5) jest(6) jester
(7) jesting(8) Jesus
(9) Jew(10) Jewish
(11) Jews(12) jinn
(13) jinni(14) Job
(15) John(16) join
(17) joined(18) Jonah
(19) Joseph(20) Joseph's
(21) jot(22) journey
(23) journey's(24) journeyed
(25) journeying(26) journeys
(27) Joy(28) joyous
(29) joys(30) Jubilant
(31) judge(32) judged
(33) judges(34) judgest
(35) judgeth(36) Judgment
(37) judgments(38) jugular
(39) Jumbled(40) jurisdiction
(41) Just(42) justice
(43) justified(44) justly
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