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Found 68 Islamic names begin with 'K' for Muslim Girls.

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# Islamic Name Meaning
1 Kabirah Elder, Big
2 Kadshah She was a companion
3 Kaheesha This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa
4 Kainat Universe
5 Kaleemah Speaker
6 Kali Bud (of flower)
7 Kalima Witness
8 Kalsoom Name of prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) daughter
9 Kaltham Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah
10 Kamaliyah Perfection
11 Kamilah Perfect, complete
12 Kaneez Slave
13 Kanval Flower
14 Kanwal Water Lily
15 Kanz Treasure
16 Kanza Hidden Treasure
17 Kanzah Treasure
18 Karam Noble nature
19 Kardawiyah A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named
20 Karima Precious, perfect
21 Karimah Generous, noble
22 Kas Glass
23 Kashifah Revealer of Secrets
24 Kashish Attraction
25 Kathirah Plenty
Found 68 Islamic names begin with 'K' for Muslim Girls in 3 pages.
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