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Found 111 Islamic names begin with 'R' for Muslim Girls.

# Islamic Name Meaning
1 Raameen Obedient
2 Rabab White cloud
3 Rabail A veil of flowers
4 Rabbiya Cool breeze of spring season
5 Rabeea Springtime, garden
6 Rabia Spring, Springtime
7 Rabitah Bond, tie
8 Rabiya Princess, Queen
9 Radeyah Content, satisfied
10 Radhia Pleasant, satisfied
11 Raeesah Princess; Noble lady
12 Rafeeqah Friend; Soft-hearted
13 Rafia High, Sublime
14 Rafiah High, sublime, exquisite
15 Rafida Gift
16 Rafiqah Friend, companion
17 Raghad Pleasant
18 Raghibah Desiring, desirous
19 Raheemah Merciful
20 Rahila One who travels
21 Rahilah One who travels
22 Rahimah Merciful, companionate, kind
23 Rahma Mercy
24 Rahmaa To have mercy upon
25 Rahmah Compassion, mercy
26 Raidah Leader, pioneer
27 Raihana The fragrance of a rose
28 Raima Happiness
29 Raina Peaceful Queen
30 Raiqah Clear, Pure, Undisturbed
31 Raitah A narrator of Hadith
32 Rajiyah Hoping, full of hope
33 Rameen Obedient
34 Rameesha A bunch of roses
35 Ramia Sender
36 Ramidha White rose
37 Ramisa White rose
38 Ramsha Face like moon
39 Ramzia Gift
40 Rana To gaze
41 Rani From the arabic name meaning queen. she is an energtic self-starter capable of sustaing a fast pace with strong leadership and qualities. a real motavater
42 Rania Queen
43 Ranya Conquerer
44 Rasha A young deer
45 Rasheedah Intelligent one, Sober
46 Rashida Intelligent, Sober
47 Raudzah Garden in paradise
48 Rayann Its the door of heaven that opens in the month of ramadhan
49 Rayna Pure, Clean
50 Rayya Light
51 Razaana One who is calm
52 Razaanah One who is calm
53 Razan Balanced
54 Razia Content, Satisfied
55 Reeha Air
56 Reeham Little, light rain
57 Reem Beautiful Gazelle
58 Reema White antalope
59 Reena Beautiful
60 Reham Rain drops
61 Rehana A handfull of sweet basil
62 Rehemat Gift
63 Reja Good News
64 Reshma Golden Silk, Expensive
65 Reyah Comfort
66 Reyhana Sweet smelling flower of paradise
67 Rida Lovely, nice & help's people
68 Rifaat Altitude, Height, High
69 Rifat Happy
70 Rifaya Brilliance
71 Riffat High
72 Rija Desire, Hope
73 Rijja Heavens beauty
74 Rimsha Bunch of flowers
75 Rinaaz Great
76 Rizqin Good fortune
77 Rizwana Beautiful, Guardian of heaven
78 Robina Blessing with love, waterfall
79 Roha Beautiful
80 Rohaan A river in paradise
81 Roma Truthful, honest, beautiful, flower, princess
82 Romana Pomegranate; The fruit of Paradise
83 Romeesa Heavens beauty
84 Rona Shining light
85 Roshini Light, noor
86 Roshni Light
87 Roushana Light, Brightness
88 Ruaa Invisable
89 Rubaba Rose
90 Rubi Red gem
91 Rubina Blessed with love, waterfall
92 Rubiya Spring season
93 Rudainah Old Arabic Name
94 Ruhab The one who brings happiness
95 Ruhee Soul, a flower, who touches the heart
96 Ruhi Soul
97 Ruhina Sweet fragrence
98 Rukayat It is the name of one of the daughters of the Prophet, it means one who Allah loves
99 Rukhsaar Cheek, Face
100 Rukhsana Beautiful
101 Rukhsar Cheek
102 Ruksana Beautiful, persian princess
103 Ruksha Beautiful
104 Rumaisa Bunch of flowers
105 Rumana Romantic, loving
106 Rumeha Beautiful Stone
107 Ruqaya Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W)
108 Ruqayya Gentle; name of the daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W)
109 Ruqayyah The daughter of the prophet Muhammed (S.A.W)
110 Ruquaiya Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W)
111 Rushda Knowledge, true path, guidance


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