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Found 111 Islamic names begin with 'R' for Muslim Girls.

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# Islamic Name Meaning
51 Razaana One who is calm
52 Razaanah One who is calm
53 Razan Balanced
54 Razia Content, Satisfied
55 Reeha Air
56 Reeham Little, light rain
57 Reem Beautiful Gazelle
58 Reema White antalope
59 Reena Beautiful
60 Reham Rain drops
61 Rehana A handfull of sweet basil
62 Rehemat Gift
63 Reja Good News
64 Reshma Golden Silk, Expensive
65 Reyah Comfort
66 Reyhana Sweet smelling flower of paradise
67 Rida Lovely, nice & help's people
68 Rifaat Altitude, Height, High
69 Rifat Happy
70 Rifaya Brilliance
71 Riffat High
72 Rija Desire, Hope
73 Rijja Heavens beauty
74 Rimsha Bunch of flowers
75 Rinaaz Great
Found 111 Islamic names begin with 'R' for Muslim Girls in 5 pages.
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