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Found 11 Islamic names sound like 'Abdur-Rasheed' in baby names for Muslim Boys.

# Islamic Name Meaning
1 Abdur-Rasheed Servant of the Guide to Right Path
2 Rasheed Rationale, Prutend, Intelligent, Rightly-guided
3 Abdul-Rasheed Servant of the rightly guided
4 Abdur Rahman Slave of Allah
5 Abdur-Rauf Servant of the Compassionate
6 Abdur Rashid Slave of the Guide
7 Abdur-Razzaq Servant of the Provider
8 Abdur Razzaq Slave of the provider;
9 Abdur-Raheem Servant of the Most Merciful
10 Abdur-Rahman Servant of the Most Gracious
11 Abdur-Raqeeb Servant of the Watchful


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