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Found 22 Islamic names sound like 'Ma'isah' in baby names for Muslim Girls.

# Islamic Name Meaning
1 Ma'isah Walking with a proud, swinging gait
2 Muazah She was a narrator of hadith
3 Musaykah She narrated hadith from Sayyidina Ayshah
4 Maysa To walk with a proud, swinging gait
5 Mohga The light of happiness
6 Munize One who brings good luck
7 Mahwish Beautiful like the moon
8 Misha Beautiful, Pretty
9 Munisa Gentle, friendly
10 Mahwush As beautiful as the Moon
11 Mehwish Moon, beautiful
12 Muneza Clean, pure
13 Maisha Pretty
14 Mysha Happy for entire life
15 Mehnaz Prouded like a moon
16 Munazzah Sacred, clean, honest
17 Mahek Fragrance
18 Myiesha Lifes blessing
19 Mehek Smell, fragrance
20 Muizza The empowerer, the honourer, the strengthener
21 Mussah She narrated Hadith
22 Mehak Fragrance


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